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Church Office: 01262 603033  /  Vicarage: 01262 229503 / Safeguarding Officer:  077383 024880

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On Monday night for the next 8 weeks there will be a bible study at 7.00 p.m. on the Emmanuel Facebook page.

There will be a live streaming service at 11.00 a.m. each Sunday on the Emmanuel Facebook page if you would like to join us. Please click on the 'f' at the top of the page (bottom of the contact page if using the mobile app If you would like to watch any of the services again please click on the 'YouTube' icon

There will be links and prayers etc on the Prayer page also including the Celtic morning prayer which we will be saying every morning at 10.00 a,m. in our homes if you would like to join us.

Welcome to Emmanuel Parish Church, Bridlington.  We are part of the Church of England, serve the south side of Bridlington and we work closely with the other churches in the town and nearby villages. Visible from Bridlington South Beach, in a beautiful  multi-purpose building, we are around most mornings during the week - why not come and have a look round? We offer a warm welcome, generally with lots of tea. We also host a range of activities throughout the week as we seek to serve the community through our friendship, fellowship and hospitality.  


Meet The Team...

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Revd Richard Hare

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Church Wardens

Barbara Jenkinson &

Diana Bould


Jackie Moore

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Lynne Henderson


Safeguarding Officer:

Chrissy Sykes

For information on safeguarding please click here



Barbara Bancroft

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If you would like to make an offering to the work of Emmanuel Church please use the icon above (next to the one for YouTube).  The church’s work of worship and serving the community goes on, even during lockdown!

Thy Kingdom Come 24 10 prayer From Ascension to Pentecost and how to take part in the Prayer Room. For all the information you need please click on 24 10 Prayer under Prayer